RocketPWR Podcast: Get Sh!t Done, Forget The Pain I Tom Anderson

We’ve been waiting a long time to have Tom on the podcast, I feel that this is going to be a great listen. Tom is a Semi-Professional Rugby ace!

Also been playing rugby for 20+ years, started from grass roots and now is in the big leagues playing for Ding Crusaders.

We ultimately wanted to get Tom onto the podcast to talk about your training for rugby but before we do, we talk about his love for a BBQ.

RocketPWR Podcast: Sacrifices Of A Champion I Lesley Brown

In this episode we sit down and talk with one of the original RocketPWR athletes LB.

We discuss LB’s background within sport and find out how weightlifting became so prominent in her life.

Due to training and competing at such a high level, we discuss the balance of LB’s lifestyle, how certain sacrifices were made. And ultimately what are the long term plans for LB.

RocketPWR Podcast: From Strength To Strength|Lily-Mae Fisher

In this episode we sit down and speak with Lily-Mae.

Lily went on to win the RocketPWR At Home Throwdown with a strong back and forth battle between her and several other competitors. And was runner up in The Challenge Series.

We also talk to Lily about her athletic achievements growing up as she played many sports to a National & International level such as hockey, lacrosse, netball and pole vault.

We find out about how Lily got into CrossFit, what prompted her to do so and why training the CrossFit methodology suited her so well. Lily then went onto compete at some highly recognisable competitions within the UK.

Whats next for Lily-Mae? Well you’re about to find out on todays episode of The RocketPWR Podcast.

RocketPWR Podcast: The Best Gym Ever|Josh Telling

On todays episode we sit down and talk life in lockdown with Josh Telling, a friend of RocketPWR.

Josh is the Owner and Head Coach of Fortitude which is a functional fitness gym based Lydney, Gloucestershire.

Since opening Fortitude, Josh has expanded and opened Wildboard Weightlifting.

Fortitude and Wildboard Weightlifting are both positively thriving, even through the tough times of this current pandemic.

We wanted to speak with Josh, to see how he has kept his members in high spirits and how his community has grown even closer during this time.

RocketPWR Podcast: Trust The Process

In this episode of The RocketPWR Podcast we speak with Greek CrossFit athlete Nikos Papanikolas.

We speak about Nikos’ podium picks for this years CrossFit games, his most recent strength cycle and what this looked like and also what’s next for Nikos as a CrossFit athlete.

We also talk about the banned substance abusers within Greek CrossFit.

We also ask Nikos about how the Greek CrossFit community handled the news of not one, but both Greek champions, Lefteris Theofanidis & Anna Fragkou testing positive for banned substances.

RocketPWR Podcast: Building New Habits

In todays episode we sit down and speak with RocketPWR athlete Sian Evans.

Lockdown come at a crazy time for Sian, she had recently parted ways with her corporate 9-5 and began coaching on a full time basis. We discuss how this current pandemic changed the way Sian coached her clients, and what this looks like moving forward.

We also talk openly about how her attitude towards training shifted at the beginning of lockdown, and how Sian turned the corner to now be back ontop of training.

Sian also tells us about her supplements that she takes on a regular basis, and why.

RocketPWR Podcast: Battle Cancer

Battle Cancer is a fundraising campaign that brings the world together through fitness to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally - it accounts for 1 in 6 deaths around the world.

The total amount raised will be split between the athletes chosen cancer charities.

Donate HERE

RocketPWR Podcast: Becoming A Sanctional Athlete

In todays episode we speak with one of the original RocketPWR athletes, Steph Brumpton.

We dive into Steph’s favourite achievements within her Crossfit career so far.

We also get to discuss Stephs future plans as she begins her journey on individualised programming with her new coach in the pursuit to take her CrossFit journey to the next level.

RocketPWR Podcast: JST DNG THS NW!

In todays episode we sit down and speak with Sophie, Sophie is the face behind the YouTube channel just doing this now which is a CrossFit based podcast.

We dive a bit deeper into Sophies YouTube journey as to why she started her channel, and experiences she has been able to have so far.

Sophie has also started a Strong Women series on her channel where she has got to hang out with some of the UK’s top CrossFit athletes.

RocketPWR Podcast: Success. Traits Of A Champion

In This episode we sit down and speak with weightlifting sensation and RocketPWR athlete Fraer Morrow.Fraer has had huge success in all aspects of her competitive ventures from gymnastics as youngster, through to Olympic Weightlifting. Sit down, relax and listen as we talk to Fraer about life under the bar.

RocketPWR Podcast: Becoming An 'RX Athlete'

In todays episode we sit down and speak with Ria Doyle.Ria has recently joined RocketPWR apparel as an ambassador.We first crossed paths with Ria in the early part of this year when Ria, who trains at CrossFit Braintree was competing in a RX competition based in Reading, and I was there coaching a couple of athletes. We began to follow each other on social media and began talking more and more as time went on.Today we sit down with Ria and talk about life in lockdown

RocketPWR Podcast: Creating Exciting Opportunities

In todays episode we talk about The origins of The Challenge Series and how the online series of challenges are progressing.We also discuss the possibility of an exciting opportunity for us moving forward.

RocketPWR Podcast: From The Beginning

In todays episode we welcome Alice onto The RocketPWR Podcast. We first met Alice in late 2018 at The Castle Games, based in Middlesbrough. From meeting Alice at The Castle Games, Alice then became a regular customer of RocketPWR Apparel and really supported us as a smaller brand.Since then, we have invited Alice to become a RocketPWR Ambassdor. In the time Alice has been part of RocketPWR, Alice has attended photo & video shoots, athlete training days and much more.

RocketPWR Podcast: Hanging With The Cool Kids

In todays we welcome Damien onto The RocketPWR Podcast. We first met Damien at The European Championships at the beginning of this year.Since then Damien has gone on to become a RocketPWR Ambassdor, as he stated in his own words. He wanted to hang out with the cool kids.Damien also came second in the RocketPWR At Home Throwdown with a tough back and forth battle at the top of the Male leaderboard.Damien will also be competing in the RocketPWR team at Rep It Out later on in the year.

RocketPWR Podcast: Pursuing Excellence

In todays episode we sit down and speak with Romi Dawson.We first met Romi in mid to late 2019 and stayed in regular contact ever since.Romi is 17 years old, who has recently left study 1 year early in the pursue to chase her true passion. Romi is also a fitness vlogger on YouTube with weekly episodes being released. Along with all of this, Romi aspires to be an high level athlete, not only in one, but two sports. Those being CrossFit and Weightlfting.

RocketPWR Podcast: The NEW face of CrossFit

In todays episode we sit down with Jack. You may not know Jack by name, but by now you have probably heard of him through something he has achieved within the CrossFit World.Jack is a member of Fosseway CrossFit, the face behind the rapidly growing YouTube channel ‘An Average CrossFitter’ and co-owner of the newest competition to the midlands, The Midlands Fitness Games.Midlands Fitness Games WOD 3 announcement: 15.05

RocketPWR Podcast: The Challenge Series

For those of you following us on social media will know that The Challenge Series has been announced and workout 1 is well underway.We want to thank everyone for taking part in the RocketPWR: At Home Throwdown and we hope that it is bringing some enjoyment, fun & motivation to your training during these tough times.