Name: Lesley Anne Brown (LB)

Affiliate/Gym: Crossfit Shapesmiths

Occupation: Physiotherapy student and Weightlifting Coach

Athletic achievements:
7th 2018 English championship 63kg Category
1st 2018 Scottish Open 59kg Category
2nd 2018 Celtic Nations Team Championship
2nd 2019 Scottish Seniors 59kg category
1st place overall 2019 London Series 1-4

Sporting icon: Alyssa Ritchey

Favourite lift: Snatch

Favourite WOD: The Seven

Worst WOD you’ve EVER done:

5k Run into max 3RM back squat

What can you not live without: Crisps!

Fun fact about yourself: I was a ballerina for 20 years before moving to strength training

Favourite RocketPWR garment/s: The new crop t-shirt

Social media: @miniature_lb

Name: Steph Brumpton
Affiliate/Gym: Crossfit Witham
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Athletic achievements:
Trained ex professional dancer now turned Crossfit Athlete and British Event Rider
5th place at The European Championships

7th place at Wild West team

1st place at Witham Invitational RX team
2nd place at LN Crossfit Wingman Same Sex Pairs

Sporting icon: Dani Speegle

Favourite lift: Split Jerk
Favourite WOD: Grace
Worst WOD you’ve EVER done: The European Champs:

Part A 600m row for time
Straight into Part B
80 double unders
40 thrusters

20 Bar muscle ups
What can you not live without: Chalk, Jaw Grips and my animals (dog and horses)
Fun fact about yourself: Aswell as Crossfit I also compete British Eventing and have ridden up to 2* internationally
Favourite RocketPWR garment/s: Crop tee and the Blue floaty tee
Social media: @stephjb04

Name: Lauren Rockett

Affiliate/Gym: CrossFit Saddleworth

Occupation: Coach

Athletic achievements: 2nd Place at Battle Cancer

Sporting icon: Lauren Fisher and Katrin DavidsDottir

Favourite lift: Split Jerk

Favourite WOD: Grace/ DT

Worst WOD you’ve EVER done: Bike/Ski/Run conditioning, anything over 25 mins is a no from me

What can you not live without: Marmite/Chocolate

Fun fact about yourself: I can eat a Creme Caramel in one

Favourite RocketPWR garment/s: The baseball tops!!

Social media: @l_frockett

Name: Liam Burton

Affiliate: CrossFit Witham
Occupation: Prison Officer
Athletic achievement: Making SiD team for Witham
Sporting Icon: Crossfit wise... Pat Vellner
Favourite lift: Clean
Favourite WOD: Cindy
Worst Wod: Fat Fran
Can't live without: Bear Complex grips
Fun fact: I have a girlfriend obsessed with horses and they scare the hell out of me
Favourite RocketPWR garment/s: RP Shorts
Social media: @liamburton90

Name: Sian Evans
Affiliate: CrossFit Poole
Occupation: PT in training!
Athletic achievement: 4th place finish in one of the Battle of Britain workouts earlier this year, finished 13th overall (intermediate div)
Playing netball in the top South West Regional league and qualifying in the play-offs for National Premier League 3
Sporting Icon: Sara Sigmundsdottir
Favourite lift: Clean & Jerk
Favourite WOD: Benchmark would be Grace. But in general anything with a thruster, burpee or HSPU!
Worst Wod: Any involving a run or ski..
Can't live without: Lip balm
Fun fact: I'm a doggo Mum to an adorable Fox Red Lab called Lexi
Favourite garment: Cropped tees and booty shorts
Social media: @sianybecsx